Training with Littledown Dog Training

We believe that the secret of training dogs is in fact to help owners understand their dogs.  Littledown Dog Training focuses on where you and your dog are, and where you want to be, whether you are looking at the basics, at an intermediate level or more advanced work. 

Surrounded by beautiful countryside in South Wiltshire it is not difficult to get drawn in by Jane’s love for all gundog breeds. The area from where she runs her business is well-known for some of the most beautiful shooting grounds in the country.

If you plan to prepare your gundog for the shooting field there is a long journey ahead, and even if he or she will be primarily a companion pet, appropriate training is part of the responsibility of ownership, and leads to a closer bond and working relationship.  While these wonderful gundog breeds do make excellent pets, they are also very efficient predators, bred to work in the shooting field with their powerful energy, speed and stamina.  It is important to make sure that this energy is channelled in the right direction, and the correct mental stimulation is provided. The great reward will be in the joy you find in spending time with your dog, experiencing the strength of the bond you have created.  Building this foundation of trust stands at the forefront of our training, and will guide you in the right direction whichever way you decide to take your dog in the future.

Through training you build your confidence and that of your dog, helping form the perfect partnership.   By understanding the ‘why’ of training as well as the ‘what’ and ‘how’, our courses aim to help build an ever closer bond, leading to happy and fulfilled dogs and owners.  Lessons are essentially fun for both owner and dog from the humble basics to more advanced exercises, building your confidence and learning to trust your dog.  Thereafter you can decide how far you want to go depending on your lifestyle and requirements. 

Littledown Dog Training offers 1-to-1 lessons both on our own field and in your local training area or garden, and runs courses of up to six dogs over a period of weeks depending on demand. All aspects of training are covered from obedience, retrieving and steadiness, giving you the skills to practice away from classes, and to ultimately help you to succeed with an obedient, well-mannered, socialised pet and a useful, well-rounded companion in the shooting field.

Jane is an Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor having completed an intensive 18 month course with Lez Graham MA, one of the foremost dog trainers and behaviourists in the country, and author of 'The Pet Gundog' series of books.  Jane has also recently completed a Level 4 course in Canine Welfare, Training and Behaviour with the Professional Canine Academy.